In loving memory of

Monique Visser

Born 3rd of June 1967 in Gendt,
Died 20th of December 2004 in Sebha.

On Monday the 20th of December 2004 my dearly beloved Monique died. A tragic accident in Libya has brought a sad end to her life. And that after us being together for 7 years. We were just married, and really joined together. Really joined as one... Monique is the best thing in this world that ever happened to me. She was for me the most ideal woman in the whole wide world. Monique could love with passion, could make clay models with passion and cook with passion. She had a lot of plans. She always had ideas. Her well of inspiration had not yet run dry...

Through her art she has left a lasting remembrance behind for others. I will gladly carry forth her “remembrance” with two hands and expose her creations.

If anyone should be interested in exhibiting any of Monique's work, please contact me. Monique has left many creations behind her that really deserve to be put on exhibition.

Bert de Waal